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Catering Milton Ontario

Catering Milton Ontario

Catering provides food for guests at the convenience of the host. There are more types of catering services, to serve the specifics of the festival, party or occasion. It is paramount to find an experience that will be successful despite the details of the event.

Understanding the various catering services will be essential in bringing people together. Aligning the menu to match the undertone of the event will contribute to making an unforgettable experience. Use the following guideline to jumpstart your knowledge of catering in Milton, Ontario. 

Restaurant catering

This catering form is perfect for a host that desires an advanced menu plan. Parlato’s Catering knows meal plans that duplicate your favorite restaurant. The caterers might also provide design plans that make the event immersive and beautiful enough to be a restaurant service. These could include the table dressing, cutlery setup, and order of meals. 

Types of catering services

Wedding catering

These catering services are the most common types of large scale catering. One of the most critical factors of catering is that the food and presentation should be in perfect alignment with the theme of the reception. 

The menu has to match the diversity of guests. The caterer will make a plan that matches the tables’ settings and displays. A professional wedding caterer will pick up the minute requirements that will make your reception a memorable experience. 

Corporate catering

Corporate events will have a specific number of people and will vary according to the level of the function. They may range between fancy dinners and small daytime gatherings. These differences require different structural settings. 

Some firms like an open bar while others like a tasting session for small foods. The baseline of all corporate caterings is that they will match the elegant and relaxed ambiance. Hiring a wedding caterer to a corporate event will prove wasteful. Parlato’s Catering has diverse catering experiences and will reflect the desired tone of the setting.

Social catering

Social events vary in nature. Examples include the following:

  • Birthdays
  • Baby showers
  • Bridal showers
  • Retirement parties
  • Anniversary parties

The small kind of a social event requires that the caterer takes note of everyone’s preferences and allergens. Cultural beliefs may also influence the chance of serving certain foods. Luckily, you will spend much less on the site-staff and amount of food and drinks. 

Concession gathering

These gatherings are significant public events, like music concerts and sports. Providing popular fast foods is a better option for the local football event, instead of giving full course meals. 

Parlato’s Catering in Milton Ontario will serve you with small Italian quick bites that will be savory to your guests’ taste buds. The goal is to create a meal plan that will not occupy the attendees’ precious time. Most concession gatherings will serve small foods from a shed or food truck. 

A food truck will have a small staff and small food servings. Two or more people can facilitate serving a small outdoor event through the window. The best meals include snacks like ice cream, hotdogs, taco, and burgers.




Catering Milton Ontario
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Catering Milton Ontario
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