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About Us

Our Story & Heritage

Parlato's Catering was born from Sonia's determination to introduce the culinary specialties handed down from generation to generation to the world.

Our menu is simply a collection of some of the most loved family recipes taken from my childhood from spending time sitting on the counter in the kitchen watching the legendary grandmother Emma cook her most delicious plates.

Let me take you into the kitchen on the counter top of my grandma's house in Capri Island, Italy and experience happiness from the first bite.

Buon Appetito.

The Art Of Receiving And The Taste Of Tradition

The art of receiving for us is a tradition handed down from father to son.  Every customer is treated as a guest of honor because each of you are unique and special. For us the word "No" is hardly used, we do everything in our power to make every customer experience unique, special and unforgettable that you can not wait to call us again.

Our culinary culture believes in using  simple, genuine and quality products that highlight the taste in every dish.

Sonia Parlato

CEO & Founder

My name is Sonia Parlato. I am an Italian chef born in Capri Island.

I firmly motivated to lead our clients on a culinary journey through the true essence of Italian cuisine, which unfortunately too often is disguised and distorted by chefs who do not have real roots in Italy.

I hope that you will appreciate the authentic taste and the journey your taste buds will embark on. Expect the unexpected.

Fresh Ingredients

Parlato's Catering maintain the highest standards across all business endeavours. Everything that comes out of our kitchen made to order, from scratch and always from fresh ingredients.

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Giving Back

Dominican Republic

Parlato's Catering takes pride in supporting organizations in the Dominican Republic which focus on early childhood education, high quality primary education, and holistic youth development.


Parlato's Catering is happy to support many local organizations and causes, we direct our company resources to combating hunger  on an on-going basis.  Though we cannot meet every request for help, we do try whenever possible to contribute our goods and services to causes we feel make a real difference in our community.

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