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4 Interesting Things Italians Do Differently Than You Think

Pizza, pasta, wine – the list can go on forever when it's in regards to delicious, true Italian food. In any case, while a great many people love to eat these dishes, there are a few things you may not know.  Are you interested by the Italian culture and food? if that's the case, you are in the right spot. Here you can become familiar with Italian food, and even discover a couple of things you may have never knew. Keep reading to learn more. 1. Italians Don't Drink Coffee the Way You Think They Do For the vast majority in North Americans, beginning their day, then finishing their day and a few times in between – coffee is an absolute necessity. Not just any type of coffee – sweet, milky, delicious coffee. Be that as it may, Italians will just drink the milky coffee, such as cappuccino or cafe latte first thing when they get up bright and early in the morning. A lot of Italians don't drink any other coffee for the duration of the day. 2. Never Walk While Eating In excess of 70 percent of Italian people eat their meals at home. They don't have the on-the-go snacks that typical North Americans consume on a regular basis. Cooking is something to appreciate and eating a meal is a pleasurable experience for Italians. The act of not eating or drinking while walking is something that is imbued in kids at an exceptionally youthful age. So whenever you visit Italy, don't walk down the road eating a croissant and sipping on your coffee. 3. Real Authentic Italian Pizza is a Lot Simpler than You Think There are a few people believe that for a pizza to be authentic, it ought to have a thick crust. Be that as it may, in Italy, this is not the case. Truth be told, thicker crust is kept for a focaccia. In Italy, pizza is a mix of thin dough, toppings, tomato sauce and the correct cheese. The primary focus isn't the bread. This method makes it possible to taste every one of the ingredients that are added. Most of pizzas served in North America are made to fill you up with all the bread – all things considered, this is less expensive than the different toppings. However, this isn't the situation with authentic Italian pizza. 4. Serving Salad Comes toward the End of the Meal The salad, along with the roughage that is found in the salad, will help you digest everything after you eat a big meal. It is all about the digestion process in Italy, and salad really helps with this. You won’t find too many restaurants that even offer a side salad with your regular meal. When it comes to eating in Italy, there are more than a few things you need to consider. These food rules will ensure you eat the “right” way if you are planning to visit this country.

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