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Where Parlato’s Catering Recipes Were Born

Maybe Capri is one of the most famous islands in all the world.  Charming and elegant, this island has enchanted writers, poets, musicians, painters and has been a backdrop for films for many actors and actresses, directors and producers. The first person recorded that admired the beauty of Capri was the Emperor Tiberius, who lived here for the last years of his life.  In the 18th century the island became an important destination for young gentlemen on the Grand Tour. Alexandre Dumas said about the famous blue grotto the following in 1835; 'I suddenly found myself in an extraordinary grotto (the Blue Grotto) and gave out an involuntary cry of delight.  In front of me, around, above and behind, I saw things too marvellous to describe. Imagine a completely blue cavern, as though God was amusing himself making a tent with pieces of firmament'. Every time I have been in Capri, I have discovered something new and amazing.  There are many tourist guides able to take you around the Island to see the most important things or you can just explore it on your own.  In case you need a guide, click here to the official website Capri.com. Once you arrive on the island by boat at Marina Grande, you can either take a taxi, bus or the funicular to the legendary piazzetta, one of the most important centres of life in Capri.  Here there are many shops and bars for any kind of tourist.  In this square there is the baroque church of Santo StefanoPalazzo Cerio (dated 1372) and the complex of the convent Certosa di San Giacomo, where there is an amazing view of the Faraglioni. Another stunning view is from the belvedere of the Gardens of Augustus, a lovely garden oasis.  From here is, via Krupp, a tortuous steep street that will take you to where the beaches are. The real star of the island is, of course, the famous Blue Grotto, accessible only with small boats.  Situated in Anacapri, the grotto was discovered by the ancient Romans.  The only light coming into the grotto creates an incredible effect that words can't explain.  The sea water is a deep aqua blue.  When you arrive at the port of Capri you will find the tourist information office for further advice on how to get there, or visit the official website for Capri.  At the port you will also find many tour boats that can take you to the Grotto, or also on a trip around the island. if you are staying for a day, a week, or a month, Capri can always surprise you! Where to eat?.  I must be honest with you, I don't go to restaurants in Capri, as I always take my own food with me, as I tend to go on daytrips.  Most of the restaurants as you can imagine are 5 star, however, there are also cheaper restaurants which are less crowded, like Ristorante e Pizzeria Verginiello.  Watch out for boat tour offers which have a stop at a local restaurant. The piazzetta.

The lovely Augustus Gardens.

The Augustus Gardens.


Sonia Parlato at Gradola The only way to get to Capri is by the sea unless you're super rich and have your own helicopter.  From the port of Napoli Molo Beverello and the Marina Piccola port inSorrento there are ferries that will take you to the island. You can buy the ticket on the day.  During the Summer there are also departures from PositanoAmalfiSalerno and Ischia.  The journey can vary according to the type of ferry: with the slow ferry 80 minutes (but it might be cheaper), the normal ferry 50 minutes and the high speed ferry in only 40 minutes. Prices and ferrie schedules are on the official website of Capri.com where you can also buy your ticket online. On the island for most of the year cars and other motor vehicles are not allowed (only for residents) although you can get around by buses which are very frequent while the centre of Capri and Anacapri is easy to walk to.  The bus fares are single tickets for € 1,80 or daily € 8,60. The funicular connects the port of Marina Grande and Capri centre in 15 minutes, one way ticket costs € 1,80.   Another way to get around Capri.   Another way to get around Capri.     Boats or mini cruises are a great way to see Capri from another stunning perspective.   The entrance to the blue grotto along the coast.   Some people enjoy the rocky beach.   Another cool way to see Capri that I found and that was great fun was the chairlift, from Piazza Vittoria to the peak of Monte Solaro.  It is a chairlift that is for one person at a time where you get a breathtaking view. The cost is € 11 (with return) or € 8 (without return), free for children.  Not suitable if you don't like heights, or for small children. The best way in my opinion to see the island is just by walking!.  It's really good exercise if you are brave enough.  From Capri to Anacapri, which is on the opposite side of the port, it takes one hour by foot and the street is very steep.  However, you might find secret shortcuts along the way. If you are not an adventurous person or you just want to take it easy there are many taxis that the drivers are sometimes are more than happy to take you around and show you some spots of the island for a fee.  The cost from the port to Capri by taxi is € 20 including luggage and can take up to 6 people. I really enjoyed going around the island by boat.  There is a huge choice for every type of budget: mini cruises, canoes, rubber dinghies, traditional wooden gozzo fishing boats or speedboats.  

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